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FIT Program - Functional Integrated Treatment


Functional Rehabilitation That Simply Gets Results

mission Injury is an inevitable consequence of athletic participation. The key to recovery is an effective, comprehensive approach to treatment that utilizes a broad - based approach to improving tissue health, re-establishing movement and mobility and re-educating the nervous system. Our goal is to provide allied health professionals, doctors and chiropractors with long – term, goal driven strategies for their patients that not only serve to rehabilitate but prevent further injury and improve systemic health.

Movement Re-Education

table stretching In conjunction with chiropractic / physician driven treatment and recommendations, we provide athletes with a strategic plan to re- establish movement and mobility in a pain – free, progressive environment. Movement education based on functional assessments using the Scap Movement Screen ( SMS ) – an assessment plan that allows us to identify faulty movement patterns and muscular imbalances that can be improved using an arsenal of corrective functional exercise. A movement plan that gets every athlete back on their feet safely and effectively.


table stretching table stretching Rocktape, the industry leader in Kinesiology tape, has redefined performance with their unique Fascial Movement Taping – Power Taping system. When applied, Rocktape can immediately reduce pain, improve / correct movement and alter fluid dynamics reducing edema post injury getting the athlete back on the field safely and effectively. Through effective application, we can improve performance and treat a variety of conditions including jumper’s knee, plantar fasciitis and complex shoulder pain. Rocktape is about taping movement not muscle!

Fascial Stretch - The Stretch To Win System

table stretching
table stretching

A new way to improve flexibility, enhance performance and reduce injury ! Fascial Stretch, a comprehensive flexibility treatment system developed by Ann and Chris Frederick is more than simply static stretching. The Stretch To Win system involves carefully designed, active flexibility patterns of movement aimed at improving joint heath, stretching muscle, connective and fascial tissue and improving joint awareness and mobility. Stretching that gets results immediately.

Fascial Abrasion and Preformance Kinesio Taping

soft tissue Fascial Abrasion techniques have been developed after years of research by Dr. Mark Scappaticci, a world – renowned expert in the fields of sports medicine and rehabilitation. As an educator for Dr. Scappaticci, we have been involved in the ongoing development of fascial abrasion techniques using the FAT - Fascial Abrasion Tool to improve fascial and soft issue health and improve mobility almost instantly.

Kinesio Taping Kinesio Taping is more than the simple white tape we have all been exposed to. Performance Kinesio Taping involves the use of contoured, textured tape that when manipulated and stretched, can alter skin sensation, blood flow, communication with the nervous system and improve mobility around the injured site improving healing and re- establishing movement. Tape procedures that promote mobility and motor re-education. A powerful tool that has changed the rehabilitation landscape and gets athletes back on the field quickly.


Acupuncture The ancient art of inserting fine needles into strategic points along meridians to reduce pain and inflammation and re-educate the nervous system. Dry needling techniques that serve to improve pain management safely and effectively. An ancient art that has become an integral part of a progressive system of treatment.


"Power Tek Fitness represents the leading edge of human performance training, bridging the gap between theory and practice. As a guest lecturer, he has brought his expertise to the curriculum in the design and implementation of training strategies that optimize performance and reduce injury. The strength of his resume lies in his ability to grasp the science behind training adaptation. His athletes' success speaks volumes about his training methods."

- Christopher DeSouza, Ph.D.
University of Colorado,
Dept. of Integrative Physiology

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