Brad Norris

Company Director / Exercise Physiologist


Brad Norris, company founder and lead clinician is an exercise physiologist / kinesiologist and Poliquin certified strength coach. As a former member of the Canadian Olympic Bobsleigh Program, he holds a Master's Degree from East Tennessee State University in exercise physiology and biomechanics. He is a performance acupuncturist, Fascial Stretch therapist, Rocktape kinesio taping clinician and fascial abrasion practitioner - he employs an arsenal of sports medicine performance techniques that lend themselves to effectively improving tissue health, recovery and athletic performance. He is a member of the Canadian Kinesiology Association and The American Society of Exercise Physiologists and has served as an educational advisor / clinician for the Poliquin International Certification Program, the FIT Institute and Rocktape Canada. Over the last 25 years, Brad has served as a strength and conditioning / human performance consultant working with athletes at every level of sport including the OHL, NHL, CFL and National / NCAA Team programs including Stanford University and the Canadian Olympic Bobsleigh Program. He is a sought after lecturer in the fields of human performance, program design and injury prevention.

Professional Qualifications

Brad Norris

  • M.Ed. (Master's - Applied Exercise Science / Biomechanics - East Tennessee State University)
  • Exercise Physiologist (American Society of Exercise Physiologists)
  • Certified Kinesiologist: Canadian / Ontario Kinesiology Association
  • Performance Acupuncturist: Academy of Traditional Acupuncture
  • Fascial Stretch Therapist: Stretch To Win Program
  • Poliquin International Certification Program – Strength Coach
  • Level 1 - Upper Body Structural Balance / Exercise Prescription
  • Level 2 - Lower Body Structural Balance / Exercise Prescription
  • PIMST - Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening by Touch
  • Poliquin Advanced Strength Training Anatomy
  • Touch for Health Practitioner
  • Back Health Level 2 - Darby Training Systems
  • Fascial Abrasion Techniques - Scappaticci FIT Institute
  • Performance Kinesio Taping - Scappaticci Fit Institute
  • Performance Assessment / Movement Screens - Scappaticci Fit Institute
  • FMS – Gray Cook Functional Movement Screen
  • Posture Pro – Posturology – Level 1
  • ROCKTAPE Roc Doc – Fascial Movement Taping - Level 1 and 2
  • TTR – 3D ( Tissue Tension Release – 3D ) The FIT Institute

Professional Resume

  • President of Power Tek Fitness (Multi Sport Conditioning Specialists / Sport Medicine Consultants - NHL / Olympic / NCAA / CFL Athlete Targets)
  • Member: Canadian Olympic Bobsleigh Program ( 1985 - 1988 )
  • Member: Canadian Track and Field Team
  • Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach / Associate Lecturer - East Tennessee State University
  • Strength & Conditioning Consultant for University of Texas Arlington Track and Field & Stanford University Track and Field
  • Performance Consultant - Canadian Olympic Bobsleigh Program & OMHA Under 17 Program
  • Guest Lecturer - University of Colorado Exercise Science Department
  • Program Instructor - Poliquin International Certification Program (Level 1 / Level 2 / PIMST)
  • Program Instructor - Scappaticci Fit Institute (Performance Kinesio Taping / Functional Assessment / Fascial Abrasion Techniques )
  • Program Instructor / Clinician – ROCKTAPE Roc Doc / FMT Level 1 - 2 Instructor

"Power Tek Fitness has positioned itself as an elite strength and conditioning company in Ontario and Canada. Power Tek Fitness looks at the athlete from multiple perspectives – a multi - prong approach to athlete development optimizing functional stability, power and speed performance and strength..."
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- Les Gilson
Sr. High Performance Manager - Rugby Canada and Former Head Coach - Ontario Blues, Brock University Men's Program & Ontario JR Provincial Program

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